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Learning ‘Cek KLIK’ with Montessori School

6 Februari 2019 14:34 WIB Dilihat 1853 Kali Balai Besar/Balai POM » Kupang

BPOM Kupang recently welcomed a wonderful group of students from Montessori School, an English-speaking school in Kupang. The students with aged ranged from 8 to 12 years old, accompanied by their teachers, were very enthusiastic to get to know more what BPOM is.

Mr. Sem Lapik, the Head of BPOM Kupang, delivered to the students the general overview of BPOM, including its activities and responsibilities. The students learned that BPOM Kupang was established to carry out government duties in drug and food control, especially in NTT province.

Mr. Sem also introduced to the kids Cek KLIK, a simple tip to identify good or bad food by checking its packaging (kemasan), labels (label), registration numbers (izin edar), and expiration date (kadaluarsa).  The students were encouraged to apply this method in their daily life before consuming food.

The students were also introduced to five keys of food safety which was delivered by Mr. Yoseph Nahak, the Section Head of Information and Communication. Mr. Yoseph encouraged the students to always practise healthy eating habits and lifestyle.

During the visit, the students also actively asked questions. Some of the questions were very interesting, such as: Where is the best place to buy food? What is the effect of eating expired food? What about beng beng, is it save to eat? and many other interesting questions.  All the questions were answered with clearly by Mr. Sem and Mr. Yoseph. Every student who participated in asking questions was very delightful as they received a souvenir from BPOM Kupang.

All students obviously looked had lots of fun and enjoyed the visit. It is expected that after their visit to BPOM Kupang, it will raise their awareness of food safety. In other words, the students will have a better understanding about qualified and save food products. We hope that they will grow up as healthy generations in the future.

It was very pleased to see that every student had a great and memorable time at BPOM Kupang. Thank you to all the students and the teachers who visited us. We hope to see you again in another time.  Be good students, be smart consumers, be healthy!


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